Life lately

It’s been a while since my last post. Things have been crazy around here!


The Wedige’s are moving! And I accidentally misplaced my laptop charger in the midst of starting to pack.

We have been back and forth on the idea of moving for quite some time. We absolutely love our home and our neighbors and I think that’s what’s made this decision so difficult. But a few weeks ago, we decided to finally walk through a house that we’ve been looking at online for quite some time. I think we decided we needed to move there about 5 minutes after walking in the door.

The next few days after that turned chaotic. The next morning we were actively discussing making an offer. And the day after that we submitted our offer and decided we needed to be ready to list our house by the end of the week. The staging and the cleaning all needed to be done within 3 days. With two little kids, that’s not always easy. Plus, I’m a Monica (FRIENDS anyone??) and things need to be PERFECT so I have a hard time letting other people help (aka mostly just my husband).

Within a 72 hour span, we had 7 showings and two offers! We “sold” last Tuesday! So I have started the packing process so I can be ahead of the game. We close Memorial Day weekend!

We are so excited to have more space! We have needed space for quite some time because Ella and Gray already share a room and we have to have a guest room. The new house is beautiful. I cannot wait to share photos! Until then, I will be packing!