I’m sure all of us moms feel the same… burnt out and wanting to relax once in a while. But we can’t just relax – we have kids to entertain! And they need to be entertained NOW. They wait for no one. Impatient little things…

Over the past couple of weeks, the kids and I have done museums, gone to the zoo, flown kites, planted flowers, played games… I’m starting to feel like I did too much too fast before summer is even here.

I’m wondering what all you supermoms out there do to keep the kiddos entertained? Once upon a time, I felt so much more creative. Maybe it’s the age difference between my kids that makes it a challenge at times, but I just am lost for new and fun things to do with them!

So… help a mother out! What are your go tos?!


2 thoughts on “Supermoms

  1. What I have to remind myself with my students is, what I have done a million times they have done maybe for the first time. No matter how small the excitement is real! Also the best way fir children to learn is repetition. The feel safe in routines and structure. What we see has the same thing we did last Monday, they just remember playing chalk one day last week.

    I’m not an older kid mom, but what about thinking like a summer camp? Plan out the next 12 weeks. Each week has a theme. Have a weekly schedule of the fun activities you do during the week.

    Example: Animal Week
    Monday: go to the library and check out books on animals you find in the zoo. Read them all week long. Learning interesting information or being able to identify them. Have a picnic lunch in a park and read on a blanket.
    Tuesday: make up a skit, story, poem, song about an animal or the location and maybe do some prep art project (finger paint paper to cut out for your project tomorrow)
    Wednesday: make an art project of one of the animals, go for a hike in the woods to practice your preform ancestors for the trees
    Thursday: chalk color the drive way and adventure where along your map you meet all of the creatures you have drawn and read about, practice drama
    Friday: GO TO THE ZOO! you can talk about the animals we learned about, now it is not just elephants that we recognize, but emus and groundhogs too! Preform your skit or story or poem for a favorite animal

    By the end of the week you have had many activities indoor and outside with one topic.

    The next week start all over with a new topic.
    Bugs-milwaukee zoo has the bugs exhibit)
    Fine arts- even a small gallery
    Fish-go to the aquarium portion of the zoo)
    Farm- petting zoo or I’ll hook you up
    Space-childrens museum
    Food-go to a fun resturant
    Trees- go t a nature center
    Drama- go to a performance
    Chemistry- do simple kitchen chemistry
    Baking week
    I know you have so many more great ideas…

    Again, I don’t have older kids, but having taught for a while now, having your weekly schedule and changing the theme keeps the ideas fresh the activities on repeate.

    If you do something like that it would be fun to blog about all your fun topics and adventures.


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