Spring Cleaning

Every spring I feel the need to completely gut the house. Maybe it’s because we’ve never been in one place this long. I was so used to packing and moving from place to place at least once a year. I’ve never been really good at ‘settling in.’

*to back things up a bit, my husband used to play in the NFL. He was a free agent and we bounced around from team to team, from city to city for about 3 years. I know that doesn’t seem like a long time, but with a little one and being newlyweds who had lived together in college, it was such a hard transition to not having a home base and only seeing each other for a few days at a time every few months.*

Anywho, I guess that explains my need to be on the move. So this year I’m trying to focus on minimalizing. -that’s a word, right?- My husband gets irritated with me wanting to throw sh*t out, but it just makes me feel like I’m getting rid of negative energy in our home. Do you ever just feel like you have way too much? Too many clothes, too many toys, too much crap that literally just sits there because “you might use it someday?” I am sick of looking at all the things that are unused and unnecessary. The hard thing is, clearing out the kids’ stuff. They see toys from 2 years ago that haven’t been played with in that long and decide they are, once again, their favorite.

My method for cleaning this Spring is broken down room by room. The simple plan for each room is to make a pile of ANYTHING that has no personal value, and donate it. Seems easy enough, right? By the time I am through this whole house, I think we may have quite the assortment. (I will be doing deep cleaning in each room as well, but that’s to be expected -hence the ‘cleaning’ part of spring cleaning.)

Unfortunately, I have the itch to get it all done right now, but we leave for Ireland in ten days and I really really really shouldn’t start such a project when I should be packing, planning, preparing for babysitters, etc. So until we are back, I will continue to brainstorm the best ways to get it all done (with two kids in the house, nonetheless).

What are some of your spring routines?! I’d love to hear what keeps you feeling organized and clutter-free!


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