Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Villarta

Last week, we got back from an awesome five-day trip to Puerto Vallarta. Our resort was Dreams Villamagna in Las Palmas just north of Puerto Vallarta. We went with my husband’s work and it was absolutely a blast. We arrived on Thursday and had a welcome dinner by the pool with a big Mexican buffet. Friday, Scott and I woke up and went to the spa. We had an incredible Swedish massage and got to sit in the sauna and immersion pool afterwards. It was so relaxing and a great way to start our day.

Saturday, we rented a catamaran with our group of 33 people. We booked through Vallarta Adventures and they were fantastic! (If you ever are in Puerto Vallarta you NEED to do an excursion with them – I believe they have other locations as well). They had a crew of 4 – a captain, a tour guide, a chef, and a photographer who captured our day (I still need to buy some of those photos…). We cruised and drank until we stopped at our snorkeling spot. Definitely not the best snorkeling I’ve done. The Pacific ocean is just not as clear and much colder, of course, but it was fun nonetheless. We then continued to a little inlet with a gorgeous beach (pictured) where we swam, paddleboarded and had lunch. You guys, the food on this catamaran was pretty unbelievable considering we were on a boat and there were 33 of us to feed… We had some tuna rolls, lots of bread, fresh fruit, pasta salad, chips and guac… it was great! After lunch, we started to head back and on the way we saw so many whales!! It was humpback mating season and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The males would surface and show off to impress the females. There was so much jumping and splashing and it was truly a breathtaking thing to witness. Needless to say, our day on the water was a total success.

Saturday night our tour guide from the catamaran took us out to a Cuban restaurant where the men smoked Cuban cigars and the ladies learned to salsa. It was such a fun experience to see the nightlife and check out where the locals like to go.  It was called La Bodeguita del Medio and I would highly reccomend checking it out. They had the most amazing Mojitos! Most of our group said they don’t even like Mojitos and still thought these were delicious.

The rest of our time was spent eating sushi, playing volleyball, swimming, and drinking cocktails in the sunshine. It was really nice to connect with new people and just relax for a few days.

Five days away from the kids was definitely tough. Our next trip is to Ireland in a couple weeks and that will really be a test for me! We will be gone for ten days *yikes*. But until then, I will be enjoying being home with them (in this 70 degree weather in February, I might add -WHAT?!-) and keeping myself busy with momma duties.



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